First Dynamic Whiteout EP release "On Edge":
Coming on September 30th 2022!

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On Edge

Enjoy our debut EP featuring five tracks of unique jazzy brass-house. Experience an instrumental approach to modern electronic music featuring a large variety of brass instruments.

  • 1. Lunar A - 3:45
  • 2. AKI - 3:49
  • 3. Vreed - 3:23
  • 4. Law of Surprise - 4:11
  • 5. Apricity - 4:22

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Cover Artwork by Erik Rossenbach

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About Us

We are a family-based music group from Germany founded during the pandemic. The lack of outdoor activity and live concerts made us come together and we decided to start our own project. Inspired by our love for groovy brass sounds from groups such as "Too Many Zooz", "Moon Hooch" or "MEUTE" we wanted to come up with energetic and lively brass music that is infused with more electronic production methods.

team people

Tim Rossenbach

Composer / Artist

Student with a love for music and creative ideas.

Plays trumpet and flugelhorn.

team people

Nick Rossenbach

Artist / Technical Support

Audio and speech scientist that never gave up on making music.

Plays bass.

team people

Sven Rossenbach

Composer / Producer / Artist

Professional music composer and producer for movies and television.

Plays saxophone and keyboards.

Additional Artists

Marc Huynen


Dirk Bosman


Michael Mertens


Markus Scheltinga